Potential Bitcoin Network Disruption

Bitlio would like to advise its valued customers that there is a potential Bitcoin network disruption scheduled on or around August 1st, 2017.
This disruption is due to the upgrade to the latest version of the blockchain protocol software, referred to as the ‘chain split’ or fork. In this event, some bitcoin nodes will run on software that are no longer compatible with existing nodes. While there is an ongoing political division in the Bitcoin community regarding the chain split, our first priority is securing customer funds.

Redeeming your IGX Tokens on Bitlio

Bitlio will redeem your IGX Token for USD as often as possible.
At each redemption, Bitlio will allocate a percentage of IGX Tokens for redemption to USD on a pro rata basis, regularly.

When does IGX redemption take place?
IGX redemption is not an overnight process. This is huge undertaking that requires substantial resources. As you can imagine, this process can take time. Bitlio cannot provide a date for redemption too far in advance. As redemption becomes available, we will notify you by email and post it on our blog.

3 reasons to start using 2 Factor Authenticator

We’re sure most of you are familiar with two factor authentication (2FA), but what we really want to emphasize is how important this security feature is for your Bitlio account. While a strong password will go a long way to protecting your account, activating two factor authenticator is an easy and free second step that requires little effort to set up.

We would like to highlight the 3 reasons you should activate 2FA on your Bitlio account.

First batch of IGX Token to USD redeemed

Bitlio IGX to USD redemption

We are pleased to announce the first redemption of IGX Tokens for USD on Bitlio. This redemption was applied pro rata to all IGX wallet balances on June 7, 2017 (PST).

Redeemed amounts will reflect in your USD wallet, even if you do not have a USD wallet. This is done to ensure faster processing. If you do not hold a USD bank account and are unable to withdraw USD from your account (subject to minimum withdrawal limits), we ask you to simply purchase and withdraw BTC to your external wallet. This will ensure Bitlio is able to process your transaction within a few hours.

Bitlio to begin IGX to USD redemption for igot customers

We’re happy to announce IGX to USD redemption will take place earlier than anticipated.

The first portion of IGX Tokens will be ready for redemption on June 7, 2017.

Funds redeemed will be available in your Bitlio wallet. To simplify accounting and payments, funds redeemed will be available in your USD wallet. There is no need to panic if you cannot withdraw it, you can simply buy bitcoin to withdraw. If you do not want to purchase bitcoin, you are free to withdraw USD to your verified bank account. Bank withdrawals are subject to a minimum withdrawal limit.

igot balance (conversion and redemption plan)

igot balance (conversion and redemption plan)

As you are aware, igot services have discontinued. Most of you have already imported your igot balances to Bitlio. If you haven’t done this yet, please visit igot to complete this as soon as possible.

Importing your wallet is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Visit www.igot.com (you will be redirected to Bitlio).

2. Click SIGN IN on the top right hand corner.

3. Fill in your igot email / ID and password.

4. You will be asked to ‘Import your igot balances’.

Only accounts that are not suspended or deactivated on igot can be imported.